About This Site

It began on the National Geographic Channel way back in 2004, when we first invited viewers to get to know their canine companions better, by focusing on the dog’s needs, not just their own.

Since then, The Dog Whisperer television series has aired in over 100 countries, inspiring millions of dog lovers everywhere to become more responsible owners…to become their dog’s best friends.

And the next generation of Dog Whisperers was born.


A Dog Whisperer embodies these important concepts:

The Dog Whisperer


You are 100% responsible for your dog’s health, safety & behavior.

The Dog Whisperer


We expect dogs to learn our language…but a true Dog Whisperer knows it’s more important for us to learn to speak Dog.



If there’s mutual trust between you and your dog, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish together. Trust is the foundation for a lifetime of love.